Friday, August 31, 2007

Reaganomics 2.0

Today's edition of the Wall Street Journal features an article by Steve Moore in which he discusses the legacy of Reaganomics in America and Europe.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

On Tuesday, August 21, members of the Harris County, Texas Board of Education voted to name the county education department building after the nation’s 40th president, Ronald Wilson Reagan. The dedication to President Reagan, the first of its kind in Harris County, was championed by new board member Michael Wolfe.

With the board’s 5-2 vote of approval, the main building of the county Department of Education located on Irvington Boulevard will soon bear the name of America’s favorite president.

“Mr. Wolfe’s hard work to honor President Reagan deserves recognition,” said Grover Norquist, chairman of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, a leading force in preserving Reagan’s legacy. “While Ronald Reagan was a leader in world politics, he also played a great role in the lives of individual Americans. Recognizing his memory on every level is a great honor to his life and legacy.”

In his two terms as president, Reagan worked to rid the threat of communism overseas while boosting the American spirit. Despite the strength of growing communist states and a struggling economy, he pushed forward to succeed in halting the expansion of U.S. government and non-democratic governments abroad.

Texas is already home to 6 dedications, including Ronald Reagan Public Library and High School in San Antonio. The new building dedication in Harris County joins over 95 dedications to the late president in the United States and 9 abroad.

“Ronald Reagan’s legacy should be held up for future generations to value,” continued Norquist. “The Harris County dedication is a great example of taking every opportunity to preserve the ideals and leadership President Reagan brought our country.”

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wisconsin Assembly Celebrates Reagan
Assembly budget would name highway for 40th president

On Tuesday, July 10, Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled assembly approved a budget plan which would rename a portion of US Route 14 “Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway.” The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project (RRLP) praises all Wisconsin lawmakers who endeavor to preserve the memory of President Reagan in their state.

The assembly balanced the state budget without increasing taxes, eliminating a myriad of taxes proposed by Governor Jim Doyle (D) and an $18 billion payroll tax in the senate budget that would have quickly made Wisconsin the highest-taxed state in the nation.

The budget’s highway proposal would rename US Highway 14 from Madison south to the Illinois border. This was the second attempt in recent years to name the same section of the highway. Gov. Doyle vetoed a separate bill to rename the section “Ronald Reagan Highway” after it passed both the senate and assembly in 2005.

“The assembly budget is the perfect place for this proposal in Wisconsin,” said Grover Norquist, chairman of the RRLP. “President Reagan’s legacy clearly lives on in the minds of these representatives, who passed an admirable no-tax-increase budget and demonstrated their respect for Wisconsin taxpayers.”

During his two terms in office, President Reagan lowered the top marginal income tax rate from 70 percent to 28 percent, which increased the relative tax burden of the highest 1 percent of income earners, who generated more income as a result. Reagan’s economic policies began one of the greatest periods of economic prosperity and development in American history.

“Both this resolution and the fiscally responsible budget approved in the Assembly are testament to the great presidency and life of Ronald Wilson Reagan,” said Norquist. “It is critical that both his life and mission be remembered as America looks to define its role in the 21st century.”

Ronald Reagan Parkway Lures Businesses

On Wednesday, July 11, Indiana motorists passed for the first time over a new two-mile, four-lane section of the Ronald Reagan Parkway. The Reagan Parkway, when completed, will stretch 9.8 miles, connecting I-70 and I-65 through Hendricks and Boone counties.

Indianans have high expectations for the parkway around which commercial, industrial, and office development is expected to cause a boom of regional economic growth. Millions of square feet of warehouses and distribution centers have already been constructed.

The Ronald Reagan Parkway appropriately preserves President Reagan’s distinguished legacy,” said Grover Norquist, chairman of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, a leading force in preserving Reagan’s legacy. “With the creation of Reagan Parkway, Indianans look to imitate the period of economic growth and development enjoyed as a result of the president’s strong policies.”

As president, Ronald Reagan fought to eliminate the threat of communism throughout the world. Domestically, President Reagan’s broad tax cuts and bold monetary policy curbed inflation and promoted a healthy business environment in the United States.

Indiana is already home to I-469, a 31-mile beltway near Fort Wayne, which in 2004 was dubbed the Ronald Reagan Expressway. The newly-named Ronald Reagan Parkway joins over 95 dedications to the late president in the United States. RRLP praises all efforts in Indiana and beyond to memorialize America’s 40th president.

Ronald Reagan’s presidency was a time of pride and hope for a bright future in America,” continued Norquist. “It is important that we take every opportunity to preserve and cherish the liberty and prosperity he brought our country.”