Friday, July 22, 2005

Update on a few Reagan Memorials-

Wisconsin is trying to right the wrong that occurred when Governor Doyle decided to exercise his veto "privilege" on a memorial for the "Gipper." Its interesting that like the previous press releases mention. Ronald Reagan continues to receive more support than Doyle could ever imagine in his own state. Ronald Reagan is truly an American hero who contributed to the restoration of an American identity. Reagan communicated optimism and a sense of worth to a nation severely depressed by a hobbling economy and a deteriorating moral fiber. So can someone please explain to Gov. Doyle that politics isn't something you play with American heroes?

On another front, California is looking to place a statue of Reagan in the US Capitol. It's in the beginning stages but is something to be really excited about! It would be a significant statement for Republicans in California if this resolution is finalized. Can you imagine the image that sends the rest of the nation if California, considered a guaranteed Blue state, sends a monument of Reagan to the US Capitol?

Please contact us or the states to show your support!