Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday was a huge success!

Christopher D. Butler, Executive Director of RRLP, was interviewed several times today over Ronald Reagan Blvd in Washington, DC. It is truly amazing that the liberals are getting this fired up over the proposal. This only electrifies the grassroots! I mean c'mon! If the liberals had just let this proposal go quietly, we wouldn't be having this discussion! Instead we are now actually debating this excellent piece of legislation! Congressman Bonilla deserves a congratulations for this move.

However, the decision by DC Vote Project to plaster the point person from the Congressman's office is just wrong. So I ask every interested person to place contact DC and express your displeasure with their decision. I'd Advise you contact both Ilir Zherka, Executive Director, at or 462-6896 and also Kevin Kiger, the Communications Director at 202-487-7470. They need to be told this isn't a voting issue but rather a fine attempt at honoring a great American. I won't bother to discuss this issue much further tonight but we will take this issue up on Monday.