Friday, February 17, 2006

Texas Renames Highway for Reagan
Rep. Grusendorf and Sen. Harris co-sponsor bill

Washington, D.C.- As of February 16th, 2006 Ronald Reagan’s name will be placed on signs along a section of Highway I-20 in Tarrant County, Texas. A dedication ceremony was held Thursday in Arlington to unveil the new highway signs which read “Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway.” The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project (RRLP), a leading force in preserving the ideas of America’s 40th president, praises the efforts of all involved in enhancing President Reagan’s memory in Texas.

Portions of highway I-20 were previously dedicated to Reagan but the new bill sponsored by State Rep. Kent Grusendorf (R) and Sen. Chris Harris (R) extended the memorial from the Tarrant-Parker County line through Grand Prairie.

“I’m happy to see such strong support in Texas for the passage of this bill,” said Grover Norquist, chairman of the RRLP. “While Ronald Reagan had an enormous effect on the world, he also played a great role in the lives of individual Americans. Recognizing his memory on every level is a great honor to his life and legacy.”

The state of Texas has at least six memorials in honor of Ronald Reagan including a high school, a leadership society on the university level and several highway and road titles that bear his name. Nationally, nearly 70 dedications to the late president have been created.

“Governor Perry’s presence at the unveiling ceremony shows his continuing support for protecting Ronald Reagan’s legacy and an appreciation for his enduring democratic ideals,” said Norquist. “I encourage leaders at every level of government to follow his example and honor our former president’s memory with dedications.”

The RRLP is committed to preserving the legacy of one of America’s greatest presidents throughout the nation and abroad. Grover Norquist, chairman of the RLLP, is available for interviews regarding Ronald Reagan’s legacy and the group’s projects. Please contact John Kartch at (202)-785-0266 or