Thursday, April 06, 2006

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Elizabeth Karasmeighan
6 APRIL 2006

Colorado Springs Urged to Honor Reagan
National group commends efforts to name elementary school for former president

Washington, D.C.- The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project urges Colorado Springs to help preserve Ronald Reagan’s legacy by naming a new elementary school in his honor. Residents are encouraged to recommend the former president’s name on the school district website before the April 14th deadline.

America’s 40th president fought to implement democracy and defeat the Soviet Union in the turbulent 1980s. He was commended by the American public for being a patriot possessing great moral character, strong values, and unwavering patriotism. Beyond his defeat of communism, Reagan is responsible for raising American morale in a period of disillusionment and enacting pro-growth economic policies.

“I commend efforts to dedicate the northeast elementary school in honor of Ronald Reagan,” Grover Norquist, chairman of the RRLP stated. “His legacy is one of patriotism, dignity and strong moral character. I encourage citizens and leaders at every level of government to follow honor our former president’s memory with dedications.”

District 11, the oldest school district in Colorado Springs, currently has 39 elementary schools. Now, efforts are underway to name two new schools, one to be built in the northeast part of the district, in the Wagon Trails neighborhood, and one to be built in the Cimarron Hills neighborhood in the southeast. Colorado currently has a highway dedicated to Reagan in El Paso County. There are over 74 dedications to Reagan worldwide, 68 of which are in the United States.

The RRLP is committed to preserving the legacy of one of America’s greatest presidents throughout the nation and abroad. Grover Norquist, chairman of the RLLP, is available for interviews regarding Ronald Reagan’s legacy and the group’s projects. Please contact John Kartch at (202)-785-0266 or