Thursday, November 09, 2006

40 Years Later, Reagan’s Legacy Reigns
Anniversary of gubernatorial victory marks beginning of great American statesman

Washington, D.C. - On November 8, 1966 Ronald Reagan received 57 percent of the vote to become the governor of California. Today marks the 40th anniversary of an event that changed the course of history. Ronald Reagan’s gubernatorial victory sparked Reagan’s impressive career of service to the American people.

Reagan emerged from humble beginnings to become one of the greatest leaders in American history. His rejuvenation of the American spirit during his time in office made his popularity unmatched by any statesmen of his generation. Reagan earned the respect of millions as governor and transformed his popularity into a successful campaign for the presidency in 1980.

“Reagan’s gubernatorial victory in 1966 signaled the beginning of an era of freedom and unprecedented prosperity for millions,” said Grover Norquist, chairman of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project. “His legacy will continue to grow over the next 40 years as we honor his achievements.”

During his time as Governor of California, Reagan’s innovative policies reflected his goal to restrict government involvement in the economy and society. He successfully balanced California’s budget and created significant budget surpluses. Reagan passed these budget surpluses to the people of California, returning almost $6 billion to taxpayers. His successful collaborations with a Democratic legislature to create stability in California show the extensive political skill of a great statesman.

“Four decades have passed since Reagan’s victory in California,” continued Norquist. “In the years following his passing, it is important to preserve his contributions to America and the world: freedom, prosperity and the confidence of a nation.”