Tuesday, April 24, 2007

North Dakota Legislators Urged to Honor Reagan
Reagan Historical Site would commemorate the greatest of Reagan’s triumphs

Washington, D.C.- The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, a national group devoted to memorializing the late president, applauded the efforts of the North Dakota legislature and urged state representatives and senators to support the amended House Bill 1018 as a tribute to the nation’s 40th president. Thanks to an amendment authored by Rep. Blair Thoreson (R-Fargo) and Rep. Bob Skarphol (R- Tioga), HB 1018 would allow the state of North Dakota to rename a missile silo after President Ronald Reagan.

The passage of HB 1018 will ensure that the abandoned nuclear silo will become a preserved tourist site to be named after President Reagan. If the state legislature does not act swiftly, the Air Force will demolish what would be a most fitting tribute to Reagan.

President Reagan is credited with successfully launching the development of missile defense technologies in the 1980s, calling upon scientists to develop a method to intercept and destroy enemy missiles before they could reach American soil. This played a great role in defense development during the Cold War, allowing American citizens to feel safe within their own borders from the threat of long-range missile attacks. Reagan’s defense system has become especially important in recent years as the development of mass weaponry is occurring rapidly overseas.

“The efforts of Rep. Thoreson and Rep. Skarphol are commendable. This tribute to Ronald Reagan is fitting as he was the champion of protecting American values, at home and abroad,” said Grover Norquist, chairman of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project. “President Reagan was an unabashed leader and true patriot- this dedication will allow future generations to remember his constancy and ability to protect the American people through the tumultuous Cold War era.”

The dedication of this silo would be the first memorial to President Reagan in the state of North Dakota. Currently, there are at least 95 dedications to the late president in 26 states and 9 abroad. President Reagan captured the hearts of North Dakota voters with nearly 65 percent of the vote in both the 1980 and 1984 presidential race.

“With the passage of H.B. 1018, the North Dakota State Legislature will truly memorialize President Reagan’s bold and successful strategy- peace through strength,” said Norquist.