Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Three Years After Reagan's Passing, His Legacy Lives On

Today, June 5th, 2007, is the third anniversary of the passing of President Ronald Reagan. As time marches on, it is more important than ever to help preserve Reagan's legacy for future generations.

Three recent landmark dedications represent significant memorials to the late president. In North Dakota, state Rep. Blair Thoreson played an instrumental role in authorizing the naming of an abandoned nuclear missle silo in honor of Reagan. On the other end of the country, Rep. David Rivera spearheaded an effort to designate the University House at Florida International University as the "Ronald W. Reagan Presidential House." Also, this week in California, Reagan was honored at the unveiling of the new Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Thanks to the hard work of leaders such as Rep. Thoreson and Rep. Rivera, Ronald Reagan's legacy of freedom and prosperity will continue to thrive in the years after his passing.